Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Unleash your inner artist ... with your staple gun

Yes. I said staple gun.

There's not really a tutorial here.... just clip your JoAnn's coupon and head to the store. Like as SOON as you finish reading this.

Here's the how to:
  • Sigh disgustedly at the blank walls in your bedroom. The walls you spent TWO nights painting whilst your toddler slept, only to wake a mere TWO hours after falling asleep in the fume-filled room. (You too? No? Ok, it was just me. Moving on...)
  • Clip your JoAnn's coupon and head to the store.
  • Go to arty/painting/framing area and pick out canvases. (I went with two 18 x 24 inch ones for our queen size bed, but you can get as many or few as you like.)
  • Schlep those canvases over to the fabric area and pick one. I went with a home decorating fabric because it's a little sturdier.
  • Schlep the canvases and fabric to the cutting table. To figure out how much you need, spread out the fabric and lay your frames on it. You need just enough to cover the front, sides and about 2 inches of the back of the canvas.
  • Pay.
  • Go home and have snack. (Again, just me? Well, whatever.)
  • Set up your iron, ironing board and staple gun. Iron your fabric and cut it to size.
  • Then just stretch it over your canvases and staple the fabric into the backside of the frame.
  • Pay special attention to the corners so that you can make them tidy -- I folded them like you would a sheet. And be sure to take a sneak peek at the the front of the fabric before you beging stapling. That way you can be sure your fav parts of the pattern get prime real estate.
  • Hang them. (I use pushpins. Seriously, who has time for drills, screws and hammers? Pushpins work just fine with light items.) And admire.

Lovely! Right? Now will someone convice Brian to let me paint this ancient, handed-down bed white? That would look soooo much better.

But the best thing about this project is it's cheap cheap cheap. Espcially with coupons and/or sale fabric. It's super fast -- we're talking instant gratification here. AND you can rip the fabric off the canvas and recover or paint the canvas any time your little decorating heart desires.

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