Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is anyone else out there feeling burnt out?

'Cuz I am.

It's kinda' like I used up most of my energy in December. I'm not exactly a useless creature. I've actually continued to be quite crafty and productive. I'm just behind on what feels like everything.

Remember the ten minute sweep? Suddenly it's daunting.

And the laundry rant just about sums up how I feeling about most chores. (I mean, who really wants to mop up all that tracked in salt and ickiness from the melty snow?)

The silver lining here? I'm blaming it on the weather and lack of sun and outdoor play.

You with me? Let's just blame the sun's noticeable absence... and let's celebrate that it's slowly returning.

Believe it. When I left work today, it wasn't pitch black. In fact the street lamps weren't even on. Woo hoo!

Just typing that gave me more energy. In fact, I promise to snap and upload pics for you all out there in blog land and share more projects. Soon.

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