Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My nemisis: laundry

Seriously. Laundry HAS to be the worst chore in my household. The absolute worst.

In reality, I don't mind the doing of the laundry. It's the folding and the putting away that drive me bonkers.

"But, Sy," you ask, "how can you possibly have so much laundry? You have only two grown ups and one small person in your house?"

Here's why... That little person goes through a TON of clothing... at least:
ONE outfit per day
ONE pair of PJs per day
ONE towel and washcloth per bath
ONE set of sheets/mattress pad per week (usually, though this is two per week)

Now... if you don't have kids, you may wonder why in the world my child has a fresh pair of PJs and towel nightly. I wear my PJs several times before washing and I certainly do not give myself a fresh towel daily. I really don't have an answer for you. But every mom I know also does this.

And the truth of the matter is, more often than not, those PJs do get dirty as some point, rendering them un-rewearable. (Yes, this is possible even thought my small person is only actually awake and wearing them for 4 hours max.)

FURTHERMORE my clothes nearly never make it through a day. Milk. Nana. Yogurt. Boogies. Sometimes I don't even make it out the effing DOOR unscathed. I've spent too many minutes in the ladies room trying to get nana off my shoulder...only making it worse because paper towels simply disintegrate when rubbed against fabric. (The key is to dab dab dab... but, in my haste dabbing goes out the window.)

And, as my sister reminded me recently, unless you're doing laundry naked, you're never actually "done."

So... I end up here... blogging instead of folding. Can you blame me?

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