Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garage sale lamp redo

So here's an easy upgrade...

Brian burst into my parent's house Christmas weekend declaring he'd spotted an estate sale in their neighborhood. Because he's always on the lookout for tools and whatnot, and I'm always on the lookout for decor, we braved the dropping Cleveland temps for what turned out to be a wonderfully successful trip: two itty bitty milk glass lamps and a cast iron skillet for me.

No tools for Brian, though.

Here's my redo...

I just taped off and painted the wood the same color as the walls in the guest room. (Why it took three coats is beyond me.)

...and used hot glue to repurpose a scrap of an old sheet .

to this lampshade:
And a piece of a half of a yard of fabric to this lampshade. (I say a piece of a half of a yard of fabric because I think you'd still need to buy a half of a yard to be sure it covers the shade.

I am loving redoing shades on lamps -- it's super easy and inexpensive. My only tips are:

  • be sure you have plenty of glue sticks

  • take your shade with you to the store if you're buying fabric

  • don't be afraid to take your shade apart. That accordian stuff ripped right off, leaving a smooth canvas for the second shade

  • if you use a patterned fabric, check out what parts of the pattern are showing before you start gluing. I didn't do this on the second shade and my fav part of the fabric pattern ended up a scrap on the floor. Oh well. You live, you learn.

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