Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If Ben had a Facebook page...

His relationship status would be: in a relationship with Pablo.

Seriously. His obsession with Pablo is at a fever pitch. Only made worse by what I thought was a genius Christmas gift: a portable DVD player.

So here's the deal.... A DVD player isn't a good idea for a human that can't be reasoned with. And, quite possibly, a terrible idea for a human that doesn't understand "later" or "last time" or " for the love of all that's holy, you can not watch the Soccer Monster episode of Backyardigans four times in a row!"

Add to this that the same human doesn't understand that the DVD player is only for lengthy trips to visit family in Cleveland and you'll find yourself faced with "Pablo? Pablo? PABLO!?" the entire drive to the sitter's house every morning.

The only good things about Pablo are:
  • he (and his friends) is/are adorable
  • his music is catchy
  • he keeps Ben's attention for an entire episode -- quite a feat as NOTHING else I've ever seen keeps him interested for more than a couple minutes
  • on the weekends, he allows me to get showered and dressed without locking a cranky small person in the bathroom with me

But, allowing him to see Pablo daily is, I fear, only making things worse. Am I an enabler? Is this normal? What is an acceptable use of TV? (Certainly, I can't be expected to let Ben see me in the shower for much longer...)

Mom's out there, what's your take?

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