Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pillows... make 'em. You'll be glad you did.

Pillows are a great beginner sewing project with even greater pay offs. We're talking instant face lift.

You'll need a pillow (or pillow form), some fabric and the basic sewing supplies.

Today,this wacky pink pillow (a Goodwill/Target find) with meet this lovely gray striped fabric (an Old Time Pottery find)... can't you just see the possibilities?

First, measure the pillow. Now, nothing here is super exact. Trust me on this one. I am allergic to math. And Microsoft Excel. You can totally do this. 

I'm making a basic envelope pillow (read: no zipper, no button!) so the back of the pillow needs to overlap so we can tuck the pillow in. To figure out the length of fabric to cut, I just wrapped my tape around the pillow and thought to my self, "this seems like enough of an overlap" and cut the fabric about 46 inches long. 

Now, fold the short ends over twice and sew along the seam like so.


Do this on both short ends.

Next (and again you'll see this is VERY exact... um, not really) I just wrapped the fabric around the pillow (right sides facing in) so that the short ends overlapped and the pillow seemed nice and snug and pinned the two short ends together at the over lap.

Then I slipped the pillow out and proceeded to pin up both sides of the pillow like so.

Then I stitched up both open ends, turned the pillow cover inside out and stuffed that wacky pink pillow back inside.

Ah.. the finished product in its rightful home, my work in progress bedroom... More on that later...

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