Thursday, February 17, 2011


I know, I know ... I should leave well enough alone.

I really should.

But, I was taking pictures and my camera was in the pictures and ... well, I'm sorry, but the strap was just ugly. Hideous. And there was no way to get the camera out of the picture... so I just HAD to make it prettier.

And document it. For you. Because you want to do this too, right? (Please agree with me, or Brian may have me committed.)

So... late Monday night (because I had nothing better to do. Like laundry or dishes or... oh... I don't know, sleep perhaps?) I decided to make a camera strap cover of my own.

And though I'm sure there are tons of tutorials out there, I decided to wing it.

So I used some leftover of this fabric -- it's a soft flannel from the baby section of JoAnn's.

And I cut two strips 27 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches wide. I also cut a scrap a little bit bigger than my lens cap because I wanted to have a pocket on the strap to keep the lens cap safe. (I've dropped the lens cap more times than I'd like to admit. And I'd hate to misplace it.)

Then I hemmed three of the short ends of the strips like so.

For the piece that would become the pocket, I hemmed one side of it. Then I gathered the other side and attached it to the unhemmed end of the short strip. I folded the pocket fabric up, like so and pinned it to match up to the sides of one of the long strips of fabric. 

Next, I sandwiched both long end, right sides together, and stiched up the sides. Like so.

I turned the tube right side out, and it looked like this.

So I ironed it nice and flat

and slipped it over the (ugly) camera strap.

And we're all done... with the lens cap nice and snug in its little pocket.

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