Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My work-in-progress bedroom

Many of you know the DRAMA with buying our new house about a year and a half ago.

If you don’t, I’ll spare you. But the short version is this: between the time we got pre-approved for our loan and the time we actually tried to close on our house lending laws and regulations changes DRAMATICALLY.

Of course, we didn’t find out until AFTER we secured a renter for our condo (which we still own) and set a moving date and closing date and a bunch of other stuff. Needless to say, we didn’t close on time, we had to “rent” our house from its previous owner for a month so that we wouldn’t be homeless (yes, I cried “we are homeless!!!” to anyone who would listen) and we had to put down a BOATLOAD more money than we intended.

So… our grand plans of renovating before moving day (oh, the dreams of hardwood and painting every wall and buying new doors for every room… sigh) flew out the window.

But (and I mean this) I wouldn’t change it for the world. This is my dream house, and I’m slowing making it my dream home one little bit at a time.

And so you get this:

This room is about 50% done… but that’s because the easy stuff is done. I want to find a wingback chair with wooden arms and an ottoman and recover them for a nook that’s too far to the right so that it’s out of the picture.

Oh, and I want to use this amazing tutorial from Centsational Girl to make a custom headboard like this one. In the mean time, I’ve begged the hubs (puh-leese!) to let me paint this bed frame white. But, he won’t let me… sigh…(And just in case you’re curious, the hold up on the custom headboard is that my husband wants a new, king size bed. I even gave in and, over Christmas promised I wouldn’t complain about not wanting a king size bed ever again… but he’s way more careful with big purchases than I am and is waiting for the deal of a lifetime.)

And finally, I want to silk-screen or freezer paper stencil our duvet... but can't decide with what... another L?

Until the deal of a lifetime, I’m really looking forward to garage sale season again so I can got on that chair re-do.

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