Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another pillow post

Please don’t hate more for posting about another pillow, BUT I saw this amazing tutorial for a PJ Pillow on Prudent Baby and couldn’t resist. (Do you know Prudent Baby? These ladies rock!)

Anyway, in typical me fashion. I read the tutorial, bookmarked it then didn’t even look at it before cutting and sewing my own version.

The rush was mostly because I also want to trim down my massive amount of laundry AND I have an idea for another version of this pillow and it was kinda’ my prototype. (Guess I should explain what a PJ pillow IS in case you didn't click the link. It's a pillow with a pocket in the back to stuff your PJs in! Genius!)

So without further ado, here’s my take.

I used this minky  and this old pillow case (which both made an appearance during handmade Hanukkah).

I cut one circle out of the minky and one our of the old pillow case.

Then I cut two semi-circles out of the minky. I kind of extended the length of each semi-circle so that there’d be room for the overlap. Like so:

Next, I sewed the two perfect circles together (right sides together) leaving room for turning. I turned the pillow right sides out and stuffed it with some batting. I also hemmed the straight sides of the semi circles.

Now, right sides together again, I pinned all the layers together like so. Being sure to get the area I left open for turning good and pinned shut so that I wouldn’t have to do any hand sewing OR lose any stuffing.

Stitch around the edges. Turn right sides out.


And stuff with PJs!

And, I have to report, this went over WAY better than the pillow pet. Which, Ben does NOT like. (In fact, he’s asked me to remove it from his room before.) He loves his pajama pillow and EVEN stuffs those PJs right in.



  1. I love this is multifunctional! Amazing! Would love for you to link up to my new party if you get a second!!

  2. I love it I believe I am going to use this idea to make pillows for my daughter