Thursday, December 9, 2010

Handmade Chanukah

Inspired by this lovely blog, I decided to do a Handmade Chanukah this year.
(Note to self: make this decision more than three days ahead of time because eight days is a LOT of days. I have a new appreciation for how long that oil lasted!)

Also, a tip, how about try an arrange your oven NOT breaking on you the first night, throwing a hitch in your entire plan.
ANYWAY... this is how Handmade Chanukah shaped up in its first year. Next year, will be better.
First: hat and gloves
Second: OSU t-shirt
Third: Chanukah party (no craft)

Fourth: Pillow pet
Don't ask me what animal this is. I haven't a clue.

Fifth: Drawstring bag with (storebought) chanukah dominoes

Here's a total cheat for a button hole inspired by Disney!

Sixth: PlaydoughSeventh: Pictures for grandparents

Eigth: Nothing. We were pooped. We were going to make a matching game. But, instead, we played games on ... I know, not exactly observant of us. But, overall, I'm happy with how things worked out. Now, time to start planning for next year.

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