Monday, December 6, 2010

Meet Awesome

He's a handsome, full-bred Frenchie, with a face that just melts your heart.

It's impossible to imagine that anyone would consider killing this perfectly healthy, loving kind little man. But that's just what his former owners, and breeders were going to do.

They'd caged him his entire life, kept him enclosed in a concrete run, and just used him as a stud dog. And after 10 years, they were going send this face to puppy heaven.

A kind volunteer from the French Bulldog Rescue Network, she took him in. And helped the network find him a foster home -- our home! Now he can play in the grass...

And learn doggie manners (like NOT marking) and playing nice and sharing food.

He's go up for adoption here and he'll soon find his forever home.

But, for now, we're lucky to have him.

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