Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh, the games we play...

...on Saturday mornings when we are bored.
Inspired by Made By Joel, making match games has been a most favorite (and time-consuming) activity.
You don't have to be as artistic as Joel -- basic shapes will do and you too can enjoy this:

And smiles like these:

Here are a few of my favorites (clockwise from top left): a smiley face match, shape matching, letter matching, patterns (see the missing square?) and a "fill in the face" game.

You could also make these in powerpoint and print a bunch off ... but I like making them up as I go. Or maybe I'm just lazy. But either way, you'll have fun.

And you'll have even more fun when you ask your son to smile and he gives you this face instead. (What is that face?!)

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  1. That face is the face of utter cuteness!