Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Master bath in progress...

I know I've been totally MIA for a while... like a few weeks... but I promise you that Monday, you'll see why.

I've been working on something since December, and I'll be ready to show all of you Monday. Monday!! Woo hoo!

Until then, how about a fabulous <$14 face lift for a room that I refuse to put any major amount of money into. It is waaaaaay last on my priority list. No one sees it but us, but that doesn't mean I can't improve it while we wait to hit the jackpot and/or Ben is proved to be a genius and get tons of college recruiting him for full ride scholarships.

Anyway, I do have ideas for this room. They include oil rubbed bronze things, quatrefoil, a neutral wall color that doesn't make me look yellow when I do my makeup, having two framed mirrors... I could go on...

For now, I got new knobs on clearance at Target

And used them to replace these knobs

To get a look like this

(you would think I would have cleaned off the counter top before taking these pics, but time was of the essence...)

And, I've been incorporating little things as I go. Like this clock (<$ 20 from Homegoods) and hand towels (from Kroger's clearance section) ... not to mention this great sample sale orchid thing whose base I spray painted with Oil Rubbed Bronze

And there's this Dollar Store tree I bought last Easter and spray painted as well. Now it's a jewelry holder...

Baby steps...

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