Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Leave proof

I absolutely ADORE this blog, called Under the Sycamore.

The photography is beautiful, the ideas unique and attainable, but most importantly, the blogger makes me think -- just when I need it most.

Most of you know that I love kids -- and if our resources were unlimited, I'd have a houseful. In my dreamy dreams I would:
- have the comfy, hangout house. Where everyone feels welcome to come in and open the fridge.
- have a pile of shoes at the front door -- my kids', mine and our friends
- have a car with a trunk full of soccer balls, lacrosse sticks and baseball bats rolling around
- hear laughter and feet stomping all the time
- always have room for one (or two or three) more at the dinner table

I don't want perfect. I don't need spic and span. My fridge will never be fully organized.

But I do want busyness and fun and laughter and, yes, I know that comes with dirt and boo boos and drama.

And that's what the blogger, Ashley, has accomplished.

And she also has style and and eye for photography. And in this post she reminded those of us who are always behind the camera not to be shy. And in this post, she shares how she makes sure she gets in the shot.

I putting her tips to work. Like, literally, as soon as I hit "publish," I'm busting out the manual to figure out that time thing-a-ma-jig.

Thank you, Ashley, for reminding me to leave proof.

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