Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still keepin' it real.

But really, how do you do it?

Ok, ok. Enough about how DON’T do it all.

But I do do (he he, I said doo doo) a lot. And most of it doesn’t come naturally to me.

I’ve posted about the 10-minute sweep before here and planning meals here, so that’s two ways I get stuff done. They’re both forced activities, but I’m learning to embrace them because I’m always glad I have after the fact.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that I prefer to create one big mess, then clean it all up and be done.

For example: that laundry from Wednesday. It was the ONLY clean load I had. But by Thursday, I had three loads clean – and a nearly empty hamper. So now, I’ll fold it all. Then, put it all away and be done for a while. (Can you hear me breathing a sigh of relief?)

I also am learning to cook dinner (which has to be ready at 6:00 p.m.) and make Brian’s lunch (which doesn’t have to be ready until 10:00 p.m.) all at the same time. I drag everything out for dinner and his lunch at once. Then clean everything up at once. And can be done. And I don’t feel like I’m in the kitchen all night long.

Not rocket science here, but if I can figure out enough of these little tricks, maybe I'll never have to say, "Sorry, Ben. Mommy has to clean."

A girl can dream, right?

What do you do to keep up with cleaning and kids? I'd love to know...

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