Friday, January 14, 2011


Please tell me you've been in this situation:
You're just minding your business, flipping through the mail, when all of a sudden, you see the most gorgeous thing in the world and you MUST have it.

You never knew it existed before, and you're floored. HOW could the universe keep you and this object of desire apart for so long?

Please tell me I'm not alone here.

And someone tell Pottery Barn to quit sending me catalogs, so I don't fall in love with $139+ pickling jars. PICKLING JARS?!

Now, you must know that one summer, I kinda' fell in love with pickling. I blame Martha and this story on pickled grapes on NPR. (Yes, I made them. Yes, they were good.)

And while we're on the topic. What about these gorgeous pieces of art? Yarn bells. I need them. I mean, I've been knitting for, like, 5 minutes. Right?

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