Monday, January 10, 2011

What to do?

So... my husband is a very loyal reader over here... even though he might not admit it...

That and I think I might be a bit obvious when I'm dropping hints... but, ask and ye shall receive, right?

I've been on the search for a milk can all summer and winter. I've even had my friends on the prowl.

I'm not 100 percent even sure why. I just know I want one.

Well.... Ta da!

Bri must have told his mom who told her sister who found me one! Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

So, now that I need your help.... what do I do with it now that I finally have it.

Paint it? I had envisioned white, but these colors match perfectly...

Vinyl lettering like this?

Welcome? More "Laeng, Est. 2005" decor like here? Is just "Milk" too obvious?

What about function? I thought this cold be an umbrella holder (the top DOES come off) but, I dunno? Or I could just clean it out really well, then find tall branches/sticks and other stuff and stick them out of the top, sparingly? Like this but on a larger scale?

Opinions, please!

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