Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cheap, fast, flat and easy wall art

So... in prep for the robot birthday party, we did lots of painting and decorating.

I had picked up some very ugly art that was in a cool rod iron fram from Big Lots for about $19.99 a while ago. I had big plans for it and the empty spot on my dining room wall.

There were two issues with the wall that made finding art tricky:

1) the thermostat is in an oddball spot (Thankfully, Brian installed a programmable one after we moved in that makes it sit flush with the wall, though.)
2) the art couldn't stick out too far from the wall because guests at the table would hit their heads

So, I needed something flat and cute and cheap and... well, as you see, I get a little picky.

Burlap and some fabric paint were all I needed though to solve this problem. I ended up with this:

First, I took the ugly art out, flipped it over and covered it with burlap.

Then, I cut out the letters that I had printed out. (This always takes way longer than you expect. Do it while catching up on Top Chef or anything on HGTV.) I taped them on and painted them with fabric paint. (I should also note here that I don't ever measure. I just eye-balled the centering and spacing.)

I let everything dry, peeled the paper off...
and popped it back in the rod iron frame.

Ta da! And the best thing? It actually hangs over the thermostat. The loopy rod iron has just enough room for me to reach it. Mission accomplished.

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