Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google reader -- a blessing or a curse?

I SWEAR I will post about this weekend's Pi Phi adventures. And recipes. And crafting. But I can't now because I have fallen into the black hole time suck that is called Google reader.

Do not, I repeat, do NOT go to www.google.com/reader.

And do NOT add your favorite blogs to it in three quick steps. (Hit the plus sign, type in the blog name, and add it to your subscription list.)

And whatever you do, don't then start marveling at the way they are displayed -- just like an e-mail in box -- marking unread posts in bold and unbolding them as you scroll down. Don't drool over the fact that new, inspiring posts automagically appear as soon as they are live.
I mean, unless you're subscribing here of course. In that case, go for it.

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