Thursday, February 11, 2010

Garbage on display

I have this thing about garbage.

I feel very strongly that it belongs hidden. Unseen. Stored under the sink and in the garage.

Brian does NOT agree.

We had a major fight -- there were tears -- over our first garbage can. He INSISTED on registering for a $100 stainless steel garbage can. $100! For garbage!

I was appalled. All I wanted was a plain can under the sink, and to maybe splurge on one of those slider things. I couldn't fathom the concept of putting garbage on display.

Well, I lost. Someone ACTUALLY bought us the $100 garbage can. Defeated, it has sat at the end of our kitchen counter (in a completely inconvenient spot when I'm cooking, by the way) in two houses now.

Recently, I've been faced with the same dilemma. We have curbside recycling pickup in our new neighborhood (which I love b/c before we moved, I drove my recyclables to Meijer each week). The big red box (generously provided by the city of Gahanna. Thank you, Gahanna... On second thought, we probably pay for it through taxes. Thank you, citizens of Gahanna) is ugly but having it in the kitchen is sooooo convenient. Even Ben can (and does) recycle.

So here is my solution:

A fabric basket. I used several tutorials found in the Internet, a lot of guessing and my seam ripper often. But it serves its purpose of (kind of) camouflaging the big box and it will match our kitchen ... once we get it painted.
If you're really interested, I'll put together a tutorial for you. But I'm really just interested in knowing. Am I crazy? Or do other people out there have this complex?

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