Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wine or ice cream?

That was the decision I was just faced with... after a disastrous trip to Whole Foods with my work spouse.

Wait. What?

Ok. Here's the deal. My work spouse, who is also my office mate, and I take semi-regular trips to Whole Foods together because (a) it's about 25 mins away and (b) we go to other stores that are unique to that area and (c) we are total WF geeks and could spend HOURS there. Literally, hours. It's kinda gross. But in a super fun way.

Anyway, we we deliberated on when to go... we're both super busy, but it's so fun... so we just HAD to squeeze it in...Today was the day. And, for some reason, I actually OFFERED to bring Ben. What was I thinking?

I was not thinking that...
  • Ben would cry the entire way there
  • Refuse to sit down during dinner
  • Scream for cookies and gum drops for what seems like hours
  • Declare himself "all done" before we even began shopping
  • Be fed a grand total of 3 organic fruit bars, 1/4 cup of mac and cheese, two organic chocolate chip cookies and one banana for dinner...
  • Squirm uncontrollably no matter whether he was seated, being held or walking

So, my escape to Whole Foods -- usually full of laughter, banter and general running commentary on everything -- turned into an exhausting battle. And for some reason when Ben gets worked up, I get all hot and panicky. And everyone was looking at me (ok, not everyone, but it felt that way) and not because Ben was being charming and smart saying things like "doggy" and "mommy" and "peeeeeese."

But I guess that's life as a parent, right? Sometimes thing just don't go as planned. You live. You learn.

Want to know what I learned? You can't mix toddlers and mommy's night out. Period.

Oh, and I picked ice cream. Yummy sugar-free Klondike. They're practically a vegetable. Right?

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