Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The first cut...

Went surprisingly well... He was completely distracted by this car...

And this granola bar...

And he ended up looking like this little man..

(OK, so he's mid-bite here, but I didn't want to push the stylist's patience any more than I all ready had... I was a virtual paparazo and I think she was done with me by this point.)

Can you believe it? He did great -- only a minor freakout when the stylist wanted to put the cape on. Apparently, that's completely normal, so we risked itchy hair. It was worth the gamble.

And just in case you're wondering. Yes, I went alone. Bri said he didn't care about this milestone... so I quit asking him to go with me every weekend and just did it. He missed a good one. I couldn't be prouder of my little guy. :)

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