Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quarterly resolutions

So, I have this thing... when everybody is doing something, I instantly want to NOT do that thing.

As a result, I've never seen Napoleon Dynamite, only joined Facebook a few months ago and took forever to begin the Twilight series (more on that later). New Year's resolutions also fall into that category.

I prefer quarterly resolutions -- small things that I think will make me a better person. This actually began in college... and some have stuck (listening to NPR, doing crossword puzzles). And some have not (reading the headlines of the sports page daily).

This year so far I have resolved to:
  • send my grandparents more pictures of Ben Ben (I have done this three times, but am getting better)
  • touch up my makeup mid-day at work (I'm about 60 percent successful at this)
  • and, most recently, to just do what I want to do regardless of Bri's opinion

This last one, kinda' makes me sad and kinda' makes me feel empowered. On the empowered hand:

  • I'm not disappointed that we miss something (like not going to the pumpkin patch last year)
  • I have zero expectations, so if he does show an interest, I'm thrilled
  • I make quality memories with Ben Ben (like his haircut yesterday)
  • I actually like my hair (see my pic below)

But on the sad hand...

  • It can be lonely... even when I'm with Ben
  • I want Bri to want to do these things...
  • I end up feeling ticked/hurt/overwhelmed/sad that I'm doing sooooooooo much by myself
  • Is it really OK to have zero expectations of your hubby? I don't think that's what I signed up for...

Ug, but I guess that's life right now... here's hoping something will change, like, for example, these stupid sci fi TV shows get cancelled (I mean you, V and Flash Forward) and all sports teams go on strike. Until then, look for me shopping and playing with Ben at the mall on the weekends...

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