Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recipes for an ex-pat, second edition

Inspired by this post, I knew my next recipe should be made almost entirely of ingredients that could be stolen.

And so you get: tofu salad.

A go-to recipe since my return to vegetarianism, this is does not fail.

Use the ingredients you typically would for any other meat-based "salad" (chicken, tuna, etc.)... luckily most of the ingredients can be "acquired" free of charge from any well-stocked casual eatery. Enjoy.

- firm tofu
- mustard
- mayo (or veganaise)
- salt and pepper or my favorite, Spike seasoning
- relish

then, just:

and mash is it all up... like so

And it's ready!
Make it into a sandwich, fill a pita, eat with crackers... Yum!
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