Sunday, September 19, 2010

easy peasy recipe ideas for an ex-pat

If you know someone living in university housing in Scotland who is funny and sweet and smart and brave, then you should tell that someone that this is not a lifestyle:

I don’t have money so I don’t buy as much food, so I don’t eat as much food, so I get drunk faster, therefore not buying as much alcohol, and my pants size goes down and everybody wins.

You could also begin telling that someone about your fun, easy, delicious, nutritious recipe ideas.

I was going to make some of these, then take pics, then do a post, but seeing this post, made me skip right to the post step. There will be more recipes coming. Promise.

Microwave baked potatoes -- square meals:
- buy a ubiquitous potato
- poke it with a fork a few times
- nuke it in the microwave for five mins

This is your base. Mix with one of the following for a square meal:
1) Brocco cheese potato
- put fresh broccoli florets in a dish w/ a splash of water. Cover with a lid or plate, leave a little room for steam to escape.
- cook for 4 minutes and check it. add one more minute at a time until it reaches your desired tenderness.
- split your baked potato, stuff with broccoli, top with cheese.

2) Chili cheese potato
- buy canned chili.
- heat it in a dish.
- split your baked potato, stuff with chili, top with cheese.
- eat some veggie with it

3) Potato sammy
- split your baked potato, stuff with lunch meat (or haggis)
- top with cheese
- eat some veggie with it

4) Italian potato
- mix together ricotta, and some italian seasonings (like basil, oregano, salt and pepper)
- split your baked potato and stuff with ricotta mixture
- add meat (if you have it)
- top with spagetti sauce and cheese

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