Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We finally did it -- carved pumpkins just in time for Beggars' Night.
(Never heard of Beggars' Night? You're not alone - it's a Columbus thing, as far as I can tell. Trick-or-treat happens from 6 to 8 p.m. the Thursday before Halloween.)

So... Brian has mad carving skills (... if you're going to do it, you have to do it right...) ... and me, in typical fashion just wanted to carve, take pics and eat ice cream.

Also, note to self: 2 year olds, can't actually carve. Oh, and they don't want to watch you carve for An. Hour. And. 15 minutes! So, yeah, suggest painting or putting stickers on pumpkins.

So here they are! Bet you can guess which one was Brian's.

Ooooohhhh... Ahhhhhh...

And, just one more thing. Does this happen to you? This would be the BEST picture ever... but [insert whiny voice here] it's out of focus. So I am sharing it anyway... damn fancy camera making us change settings... sigh..

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  1. Wow! This is impressive! This is proof when little boys are around they ARE watching and remembering. Tell Brian that his father will be so proud!

  2. LOL...I always did this the old fashioned way when the kids were growing up and they always had the same tooth-hanging smile. One year when they were around 15 (they are your ages) I DID get a template...DISASTER! I hated it and the pumpkin ended up in the cornfield, destruction. It was the most horrid and stressful thing I have ever undertaken and not fun at all. Went back to the NORMAL Traditional pumpkin carving thereafter! Durn burn plastic gadgets anyway...pshaw! And yes Sayonada there is a Beggars Night and I never heard it called always Trick or Treat night until the kids were older...I always called it Beggars night because you begged for candy...loved your blog as usual! Be blessed! Gramma Sharon