Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The dreaded call...

No working mom wants to see the sitter's phone number pop up on her phone at 4:30ish just before leaving work...

Especially when the sitter NEVER calls. A picture every once in a while, maybe. But a call? Never.

Hi. It's Sitter*.
Hi, Sitter.
Um. Your child has a boo boo.
Is he ok?
Well, he's dripping blood and I can't really see where it's coming from...

:: at this point we continued to talk, but I haven't the slightest clue what I was saying. Something about being on my way while I threw snacks, a diaper, wipes and my wallet in my purse. Dashed off a note to my boss and darted out of there.::

Brian? It's me. I'm leaving work right now. Sitter just called and Ben got hurt.
Is he ok?
He's not crying, but I don't know. Please let the dogs out in case we have to go to the emergency room.

Ben is fine. Yes, he has a boo boo. It's on the crown of his head. It gushed blood everywhere. His head, his neck, his back, his shirt, the Easter eggs he was collecting. (Apparently he was egg hunting and likely scratched his head on a branch.)

The lesson learned?
- Always have at least enough gas in your car to get you to the hospital.
- When making emergency phone calls, always lead with either: "everyone is OK" or the action you are taking and the action the person you are talking to should take.
- Wash blood-stained clothing immediately (I'm hoping it will wash out.)
- Your child will milk you for all you are worth. Even if he is only 21 months old, he knows this to be possible. DON'T give in.
- Expect more calls like this one. Thankfully, we didn't need to go to the ER, but someday we will.

*I haven't asked the sitter's permission to blog about her. So humor me.

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