Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beer margaritas. Trust me.

I am a margarita loving gal.

I LOVE margaritas... especially with chips and salsa and refried beans.

But if there are only margaritas, I won't complain.

My sister-in-law introduced me to this recipe and, though it sounds icky, it is FAB!

Trust me on this -- buy enough for multiple batches.

Here's the recipe:
- 4 light beers
- 1 cup of tequila
- 1 can of frozen limeade
Stir everything in a pitcher and serve w/ ice. Or not. I don't judge.

And for those of you watching your calories, I discovered whilst* on vacation that even the most flavorless beer makes a good beer marg: Bud select 55. So that means these margs have GOT to have, like, NO calories. I mean, if you are dancing and drinking -- they may be a negative calorie food, like celery. Right?

Don't judge.

*I recently fell in love with the word "whilst." Don't ask me why. It's now my second favorite word. If you don't know what my first favorite word is, you didn't have Ms. Merrill for high school English and you don't know me that well. Just kidding, you may know me well, but you haven't been with me when I get to use it and I get VERY excited. Intrigued yet? (No, it's not "intrigued.") I'd be interested in hearing your guesses...

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