Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doggie decor

This was a super easy and speedy project.

In fact, the project from start to finish to blog post was completed in one nap time -- with time for me to shower! Everyone is still sleeping, and I'm just waiting for Brian's reaction. (I'm sure it will be something in the neighborhood of WTF?!) But I just couldn't look at this any longer:

You see that little hallway right there? That's our doggie dormitory. They sleep there during the work day, but when we're home it's nice to have the gates open so that we don't always have to go through the dining room to get upstairs.

Brian came up with the genius bungee cord idea, but it's UGLY! So I whipped up these.

Better, right?

Just trim scraps of fabric to about double the length of the bungee.
Hem the short ends. Sew the long ends together, right sides facing. Turn the tube. And thread the bungee through.

Ahh... much better. And, the house is still asleep.

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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I just wanted to answer your paint question. It's Benjamin Moore Summer Harvest. I had mine mixed at Sherwin Williams- most paint stores have each others' color fans and can mix it up an almost perfect match. (Their base paints may be different so that's why it may not always be perfect.) Sandra @sawdust and paper scraps