Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hot, sweaty and satisfied

I have a new machine that keeps me hot, sweaty and satisfied...

I especially like it because it's bigger than average and really strudy.

No. Not that kind of machine. (Out of the gutter, people!)

It's my brand spankin' new elliptical machine. Isn't she a bute?

I even brought my neglected magazines, a few hand towels and some de-germing spray down to the basement with it so it's like my own little gym...
Can you see the stress and negative vibes being released from my shoulders as I type? Because I can.

Yes, one piece of (amazing) equipment can make that much of a difference in my life. In fact, just a few days in, I feel like a saner person, a better mommy and more in control of my life.

Here's why.

Pre-baby, I ran or hit the gym every single weekday. In fact, I worked out until about six weeks before my due date (quit tsking... I scaled the intensity back and drank lots of water when working out while preggo). But the perfect storm of having a baby, moving and Brian working nights meant that my a.m. workouts just weren't feasible anymore. (The baby monitor's radius is something like 60 feet, not 6 miles.)

And post dinner workouts only lead to mega mommy guilt ... which meant I rushed the workouts, which meant I didn't enjoy the workout AND I didn't get a good workout AND I felt like I neglected my family. (Can you see the maddening circle here? I think it's the definition of downward spiral.)

Oh yeah, and I gained 12 pounds. 12! That's an entire pants size (or more!). That meant I had to pull my post-natal jeans back out of the maternity clothes bin. A sad, sad, sad day for me.

I have NOT been a happy camper. And everytime I thought about it... I just got more and more bummed. Even Jillian Michaels (whose DVDs managed to stop the weight gain) couldn't help me.

And just when I began to accept I'd be this weight for a while... I decided that I would NOT settle. After all, I can't go gaining 12 pounds with each kid I have. Right? Right.

Enter, the amazing elliptical. It feels great to be back in my old routine: Up at 5:30, in the shower by 6:45 and ready to wake up Ben Ben by 7:15... ahhh... it's glorious... it's the routine I need. I CRAVE. And I love it!

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