Monday, December 28, 2009

DVD Tote Tutorial

Santa was good to Ben (and Mommy and Daddy) ... well, OK, it was Grandma (or Nona or Mimi or whatever she decides to be called) and Papa-papa.

We're now the proud owners of a Philips portable DVD player. Woo hoo!
I saw a fab tutorial for a DVD tote on Make it and Love it and just HAD to make one. I won't recreate the tutorial (see above. It it F.A.B!), but here are my tips.
First, cut the pieces bigger than you think you'll need -- like 4-6 inches wider than the DVD player. Our DVD player is a little less than two inches think, so measured the fabric by placing the tote on my fabric, adding three inches to each side and just cutting around it. It made for a snug fit. Mainly because I can never get all my pieces to line up right, so after I sew them, I have a lot of trimming to do.
Second. For the divider, it should be just as wide as the other pieces, just not as tall. Somehow, I missed that from the tutorial.
Third, I didn't make the flaps because I was so over it by the time I got to that point. I mean, because I wanted easier access.
Finally, you could add a pocket on the OTHER side for DVDs... of course, genius me didn't figure that out 'til about five minutes ago.
Ok, so here's my final product. I used felt for the binding and a fuzzy old robe instead of the batting. My last step will be to pink the felt so that you can't tell how not strait my stitches are... but I don't have pinking shears... so when I visit my mom on Saturday, I'll have to snag hers.
...And by then, we'll have used the DVD player... yeah!

Note: the paragraph spacing is all out of whack today... anyone know how to fix that?

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