Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy book, revealed!

So, I'm tuckered after a weekend trip to North Olmsted, but I'm dying to post my busy book pics for you. :)
Here's the big reveal:

Right now, this is the cover. (Ben's initials.) But as I improve, I am sure that will change.

See, they come off with snaps.

This is a place setting. I'm not encouraging my toddler to drink,

but a regular cup just looked kinda' weird.

This is the ocean. The boat moves along the horizontal blue ribbon.

This is a crayon box that holds actual crayons.

And this next one is my favorite. I took pics while I made this page (thinking of all of you :) ), so I'll post a tutorial soon. It's PIZZA!

See the little pepperoni and mushrooms? And it's cut into four little pieces...

I'm proud of myself for coming up with this one all by myself. (The others are very similars to other tutorials out there in the blogosphere.)

Also know that I'm by no means even close to being done. Each page I complete, I learn how to do things better, faster, etc. So I have plans for a race track page, a menorah page, a Christmas tree page and a few others... of course with Hanukkah starting Friday night, I have another deadline to fuel my newest obsession.

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