Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother's Day ...

Unless you are new here (and by "here" I mean "the world") you know that each May, we celebrate Mother's Day.

If you are, have, had or are married to a mom, this post is for you.

First things first: pregnant women are moms.
I was preggo on Mother's Day 2008. There was a tiny human being inside of me, and about one month later he came out. He was VERY much my son and I was VERY much his mommy. I could feel him kick, turn, hiccup. I was taking care of him, and he was already bringing me so much joy (and sleeplessness).

That year I received two cards wishing me a happy Mother's Day from two very thoughtful women -- two of my very closest friends. They both made me cry. I knew I was a mom, and it was amazing to know someone else thought so as well.

I'm not saying you have to buy your pregnant friends cards, I'm saying wish them a happy Mother's Day this year. (But if you want to make them cry-in-a-good-way, send them a card. There are special Mother's Day card for the preggos, and it means a lot to know you searched for one.)

Second, if you are a dad, your wife is a mom.
Many people, usually female people, think this goes without saying. But sometimes, male people need reminding that they need to wish their own mom and the mother of their children happy Mother's Day. Males, take note: "But you're not my mom," sounds even worse when spoken aloud than it did in your head.

Third, she doesn't mean it when she says,"It's just another day."
This usually applies to birthdays as well.

Fourth, it's the thought that counts.
Really. It is.

Some women really do want jewelery, lavish gifts and being showered with roses and fine chocolates. But most women want something that shows you thought about the day, about her and about her children, then came up with something that shows you care. Think: a handmade card with the hand prints of your children. Or a meal that she doesn't have to prepare -- even if it's just grilled cheese and tomato soup. Or a two pet chickens and a coop. Ok, that last one was pretty specific. But you get what I mean.

Finally, Mother's Day is also for remembering moms that are no longer here.
If your mom is gone, honor her in a way that she would have liked. Hug your family a little tighter. Share a mom memory with a friend, your dad, your siblings, your dog. I'm sure she would like that.

Disclaimer: This post is not directed at any one person who may or may not be married to someone whose name rhymes with Shmyonada Shmomas. It's just me writing because that's what I do. However, if you are looking for Mother's Day gift ideas for a woman whose middle name rhymes with Shmolanda, think: fabric and gardening.

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