Saturday, April 24, 2010

A bunting convert

In the year or so that I've been reading crafting blogs, I've noticed a bunting trend. People , apparently make bunting all the time.

It looks whimsical and everything, but I had (and still do have) questions about practicality (doesn't it just get dusty? how do you wash it?) and usefullness (is this decor only? where are you putting it? how often do you switch it out?).

And, it seemed like it would take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to make. All that tiny cutting and turning and sewing... for what?

Well, I've changed my mind a little after making my first bunting. I find this bunting acceptable because:
  • it is no-sew
  • it serves a purpose
  • it is reuable

.... but most of all, it looked waaaaaaay more cheery than I thought it would. I left it up for nearly a week because it just made me smile.

Here it is:

Please please please know that I am way self-concious about my blog pics. I've been trying to photograph outdoors and learn how to use all the settings on my point-and-shoot camera... but, for now, this is what you get.

I just cut letters out of scrap fabric (I used pinking shears and eyeballed it) and hot glued them on to the burlap triagles. Then I glued each triangle onto a piece of twine. I hung the bunting with pushpins.


Now, here's what I would do differently next time (not that I think there'll be a next time, so far birthday bunting is the only reason I can imagine I'll need bunting in the near future):
  • Decide on your triangle size FIRST, then cut your letters to fit. (I did it the other way around and ended up with bigger triangles than I had wanted.)
  • Set aside plenty of time to cut and glue... this probably took me close to two hours and I got annoyed with it pretty quickly because my hubby's birthday was the next day. I don't recommend this, but it's totally doable.

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