Friday, July 15, 2011

Beach vacation survival tips

I think I could write a month's worth of posts about how to plan for a successful beach vacation.

Not that we are perfect, but we really did luck out. And, even though we packed in semi-panic mode, we did pretty good.

I've always said that between Brian and I, we can figure out just about anything. (We would totally win Cash Cab.) And that was proven with this vacation.

Here were the bestest things Bri picked up/packed for the trip:

This giant blue bucket from Wal*Mart.

Why a giant blue bucket? It was cheaper than the other beach toys. But it came in SUPER handy. We used it to:
- carry all of the other beach toys
- build sand castles
- refill water guns
- rinse our hands, feet and toys off before heading back up to the condo
... and lots more. And now that it's home, I have plan for it as well. :)

Easy Mac was a true key to success. 3 mins and 30 seconds was the maximum time we could wait to eat after a morning on the beach. We ate Easy Mac and/or PB&J and fruit for lunch every day. Dinner was always someplace out.

Driving at night and/or movies in the car
We left on Friday at midnight. Now, for our family, this was fab. Brian works nights, so this was his "usual" time awake. And Ben slept nearly the entire time. Though he did wake up suddenly at about 3:00 a.m. exclaiming, "I need go pee!" And he did. On the side of the highway. And then, he went right back to sleep.

On the way home, he didn't sleep as much as we had hoped. But thanks to our DVD player, he was pretty much amused the entire time. Though, he did find time to make up this original song.

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