Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beach vacation survival tips part two

So Brian wasn't the only brilliant packer, I chipped in as well.

Mostly with non-glamorous stuff that you'd hate to forget/have to buy at inflated vacation prices. Here are my must pack items:
- Toilet paper
- Paper towels
- Laundry detergent (I used freed samples that I had saved up -- just two or three of them)
- Mini first aid kit (just the basics like Neosporin and Band Aids)
- Sunscreen and aloe
- Bug spray
- Bottled water (the little half pint guys are perfect for the little)

And the only thing we forgot that I kept kicking myself about: snack baggies. Seriously. You need these for toting snacks to the beach.

I also packed lots of entertainment for our little man so we could enjoy our meals and car trips. I brought just one shoebox with toys, so there's really no need to bring a lot of stuff. The sand and sun tuckered him out. I kid the "new" toys in the shoe box and took them out only in case of emergency and/or dinner. Our best bet toys:
- little paper/marker/sticker kits from the impulse checkout line at Wal-mart for a buck.
- a dollar store puzzle
- matchbox cars
- DVDs

Boring. Unglamorous. But necessary and essential to our sanity.

You're welcome.

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