Friday, August 13, 2010

Thrify calendar

In my last post, I mentioned sample sale.
Sample sale is an amazing day. I work for large retailer and once a year, there's an associate-only sale to clear sample, left over and returned merchandise as well as store decor and fixtures.
It's in a ginormous warehouse and it's AMAZING!
Most item are purchased by the bagful (that's right, one flat price per bag) and larger items are individually priced. So, last summer, when I was in new house mode, I bought a rediculous number of picture frames. I was CERTAIN I would need every one.
And here I am, more than one year later and I have used exactly one frame.
This one:
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This was a super simple project. Spray the frame white (might need another coat now that I look at this picture) and paint the back of the art that was in it blue to match the walls of the great room. (Literally, I used the wall paint.)
Now, I just use a wipe-off marker to update the calendar monthly.
This wall is far from complete, though. I'd like to add a ribbon to the top of the calendar so it looks like it's hanging and a few other things to brighten up the space.
But, for now, this will do.

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