Monday, August 2, 2010

A public service announcement

My birthday is one month from today.

If you're planning on purchasing me a gift for surviving another year on this planet, may I offer a few suggestions?

  1. A serger -- used will do. (Mr. Craig List has options occasionally.) If you buy this for me, I will make you something with a serged seam. I know this doesn't seem (no pun intended) like a big deal, but if you look at the seams and hems on your shirt they have been created by a serger. An amazing, miraculous serger.
  2. A milk glass cake stand. Milk glass readily available at the Goodwill, but I can't seem to find a cake stand... which, of course, means I want one desperately.
  3. And while we're on the subject of things found at the Goodwill and other thrifty places, I want a milk can with either a lid that removes OR no lid. I plan to use it for a craft project -- so the cheaper the better.
  4. To be preggo. Right now, my husband isn't really willing to have another baby, so if you'd like me to carry yours (in my uterus, I mean), I am sure we could work something out.
  5. Two days of uninterrupted time as the only human being in my house. With this time I would: photograph all the items not sold in our garage sale and send them to Mr. Craig List, buy a file cabinet so I can organize the loft and make it into my sewing room, take a trunk load (or two) of stuff to the Goodwill, go on a run, go shopping for clothes, go shopping for fabric, sew things for myself, pee alone, vacuum the upstairs (which is virtually impossible b/c one of the men in my life is always asleep up there)...get the picture?

But most of all, really and truly most of all, I want to spend time with friends and family. I want to laugh 'til I cry and eat cake and take pictures of everyone around me so that we'll never forget our twenties and get a kiss from my baby boy and kiss from my hubby.

and a serger. i really want a serger.

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