Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg in a hole

Wednesdays are breakfast for dinner at our house. 

Brian works his job as a police officer in Harrisburg, Ohio, so I pick up Ben from the sitter and we make a quick easy dinner. 

One of my go-tos for Wednesdays is "egg in a hole," something that I thought everyone knew about, until I mentioned it recently to a couple of different people and got quizzical looks. 

So here it is: Egg in hole. For each one, you'll need and egg and a piece of bread. 

Butter both sides of the bread, and cut out a circle from the center. 

Place the bread and the cutout into a hot pan and crack one egg into the hole. 

When the egg is set enough to turn, flip it and the cutout piece. Let the other side cook until the white is cooked but the yolk is still runny. 

Use the cutout for dipping. 

And enjoy!

As an aside, while I was preggo with Ben, I completely lost my appetite. It was miserable. I ate egg in a hole with steamed broccoli a lot because I figured it was a carb, a protein and a veg -- a quick, well-balanced meal.  

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