Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dogs, cats, trees and mold

Yep. That's what my little guy's allergic to.
I know, trees is odd. But it's true.

More importantly though: dogs. Umm... yeah. We have two of those.

And I love love love them to bits.They were our babies before we had a little human of our own.And they're still big babies...

Exhibit 1: Porter

Exhibit 2: Caity

So... what are we gonna do?

Well, after a lengthy phone call with the nurse practitioner, it was determined that Ben would have to be on medication (Singular and Zyrtec, if you're curious) dogs or not. And as much as I hate to pump my 2 year old full of medication, his allergies are mild.

So... we'll let our pups live out their (spoiled rotten) lives... and [INSERT SUPER SAD FACE HERE] we'll never have dogs again. :(

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