Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iced coffee

Sometimes I feel like a total weirdo when I walk about my building toting my homemade ice cold coffee. Yes, I realize it can look a little like muddy water, but trust me people, it's delish.

First let me say that I still have my coffee training wheels on. I require a heavy dose of sweetener and milk in my coffee. But when the proportions are right, they are oh so right. Coffee has become a part of my workday routine. And I am big on routines. I take comfort in them and get a little bent out of shape when they don't happen.

In the cool months, I make hot coffee at home just before I walk out the door, pour it into my travel mug and drinking piping hot on my way to work. Sometimes it's gone before I reach the sitter's house. Sometimes, a third of it makes it into the building. I'm a fast drinker, so it doesn't last long. The speed with which I manage to swallow this scalding beverage is one reason I make it at home. It seems a crime to swallow $5 in less than 10 minutes on a daily basis for a Starbucks.

But when it's warm, I brew my coffee early in the morning. I doctor it up and let it cool at home, then pour it over ice when I get to work. It's divine. The perfect way to start my day.

Iced coffee:
This is a method more than a recipe.

First, brew the coffee:
- 1/3 cup coffee grounds
- Water filled up to the 4 cup line on your pot

Then, flip the lid open, doctor it up and let it cool on the counter. I add:
- 3-4 ounces skim milk
- 3 sweet and lows
- 2 tablespoons sugar free Hershey's syrup OR 1 tablespoons Starbucks mocha powder + 1 tablespoon water

Pour over lots of ice and drink with a straw.


.... on a completely unrelated note.... I'm super excited to report our fancy schmancy digital camera is arriving tomorrow! I am so excited that I can't even come up with a synonym for excited. Seriously excited. I don't know if I've mentioned my lack of photography on the blog is rooted in my sincere self-consciousness of the terrible pics that come from our point-and-shoot. (It's totally the camera's fault, right? Can't have anything to do with the photographer. Right? Right.) Anyway, expect to see much improved photography soon! Woo hoo! Did I mention that I'm excited?

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