Sunday, February 3, 2013

Amazing things have been happening...

Amazing things have happened this weekend. The little things that make me feel like I'm actually a grown up and actually doing and OK job at this mom and wife thing. 

Exhibit A: the house isn't a complete disaster. 
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't call it "clean" but it's bordering on tidy. You could stop by right now and I wouldn't be totally embarrassed. 

Exhibit B: Ben and Viv are playing together
Like, just happily running around and playing. No fighting or crying... yet. They even went to the basement playroom for about 10 mins while I drank a tiny bit of coffee alone. This is big, people.

Exhibit C: Doc McDancin'
Needs no explanation. 

(P.S. Can I give Disney props for Doc McStuffins? Boys and girls love it, there's always a lesson, the MOM is a doctor, the parents are married and actually AROUND, the house they live in isn't spotlessly clean. I just really, really love this show.)

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