Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Mommy of the Cloth (Part II: washing)

Washing cloth diapers is another reason people are hesitant to take the leap. What do you do with all that poop?

Well. It's actually pretty easy.

I keep my routine simple. And do a load of cloth diapers every three days.
  • First, I start with a presoak.
  • Then, I run a cotton cycle with an extra rinse.
  • Dry in the dryer or in the sun.
That is it. I use Charlie's Soap b/c my friend and I split a HUGE order of it that she got off of Amazon. But before that, I was using All Free and Clear. The main thing you want to avoid is of dyes and softeners that actually cause the diaper to be less absorbant (which is, of course, the opposite of what you want a diaper to do.)

Now that Vivi is eating more solids, I have started using flushable diaper liners. They come in a roll and you simply place it between the diaper and the baby. Then, when baby poops, you can flush the whole thing.

Instead of the liners, you can also buy a diaper sprayer like this one and attach it to the side of the toilet. You can used that to spray any poop off into the potty before putting it in a diaper bag or bin until wash day.

Bet that was easier than you thought, right? And, no, there's not poop all over the inside of my washing machine. 

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  1. haha, great post! This reminds me. Do you need more detergent? We still have a vat of it in the basement when you need more. The water at my house is hard, so I've been adding Calgon water softener to my loads. That has prevented them from getting stinky.

    Also, re: diaper sprayer. People swear by this thing. And maybe their kids have slimy poo or something. But Ryno's poos are pretty solid and just fall off into the toilet. So I've used the sprayer maybe twice. So I'm kind of "eh" about it. Probably not as necessary as I thought.

    In Florida we obviously didn't have the sprayer with us. Todd changed a slimy dipe and then bragged about how he stuck it in the toilet, flushed, swirled and it came clean. I couldn't believe he actually did that and wasn't upset about it! Mind you, he had just had the most terrible intestinal virus ever...so he said "nothing bothers me after that!"