Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eight crazy nights...

Tonight's the second night of Chanukah, and figuring out activities and/or gifts for EIGHT nights this year had been a bit much for me.

I'm trying to stick to the spirit of  "handmade Chanukah" by focusing on doing things together and/or handmade gifts.

For the second night, we made a gingerbread house. (Which, funnily enough, was a Christmas gift. But we're a non-traditional family, so I'm OK with it.)

Ben enjoyed it. And the pre-made house was a great idea. It held his attention for about 30 minutes, then he was ready for bath and bed.

But, he wanted to pose for pictures tonight. My little man's becoming more of a ham, and while I like that he's not fighting me when I pull out the camera, I'm not crazy about all the goofy faces he makes.

But, I guess now that I look at those faces, what's not to love?

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